Proposed Development Off Park Road

Posted on May 22, 2018

Dear Resident:

We have recently received some questions regarding a proposed development off Park Road that will extend up towards Dixie Highway between Skyline and the Lookout Motel. At this time nothing is finalized, but the property owners are working with a developer on a potential multi-unit development. The property in question is a little over 4 acres and it is zoned R-2 (residential) which allows multi-family buildings on the site. The R-2 zone has a 10 units per acre restriction and the proposed development has 42 total units. The development plan that we have seen currently consists of 3 buildings with 12 units per building (36 total) and one “townhome” building with 6 units.

The property owners and the developer are working with Planning and Development Services (PDS) to ensure all zoning, building and environmental requirements are met. The City of Fort Wright, as do most cities in Kenton County, contracts with PDS for permitting in the areas of building and zoning, as such the City has very limited involvement in a development of this nature. Because the property is properly zoned for the proposed development the owners do not need to seek the city’s approval to develop it. That said, they must comply with all required ordinances and laws and PDS is responsible for ensuring that occurs. If the developers were to seek any variances from the building and zoning requirements the city and/or its Board of Adjustments would get involved at that point.

If the project is approved, access to the development would be from Park Road.

I hope this email answers any questions you might have regarding this development. If not, I would suggest contacting Planning and Development Services at 859-331-8980 or at as they will have more detailed information on the progress of the development plan. As always, if there is anything we can help you with please feel free to call.

Thank you,

Dave Hatter, Mayor
The City Of Fort Wright, Kentucky