Special Meeting

Posted on June 14, 2019

DATE:  June 14, 2019

TO:  All City Council Members and Interested Parties

FROM:  Dave Hatter, Mayor

RE:  Special Council Meeting


The City of Fort Wright will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. The purpose of the special meeting is to finalize the passage of the following outstanding legislation prior to the start of the new fiscal year, which begins on July 1:


  • 2nd Reading Ord 05-19 adopting FY 19/20 Waste Col./Recycling Rates.
  • 2nd Reading Ord 06-19 re: sidewalk waiver (Resurrection Church, Inc).
  • 2nd Reading Ord 07-19 re: permitted uses in the HOC Zone.
  • 2nd Reading Ord 08-19 re: adoption budget for FY 19-20.
  • Resolution 05-19 adopting a MOU for the KDOT re: Amsterdam Road.
  • Executive Order 06-19 re-appointing two (2) BOA Members.

No other business will be heard during the special meeting. The meeting will be held at the Fort Wright Municipal Complex, located at 409 Kyles Lane, Fort Wright, KY 41011.

The regularly scheduled caucus meeting will begin immediately after the conclusion of the special council meeting/swearing in ceremony.

For additional information please contact Ms. Jill Cain Bailey, City Administrator, at 859.331.1700. Thank you.