Kenton County Road Reporter

Posted on August 02, 2019

Over the past year, Kenton County Technology Services has been working on developing a way for Kenton County residents to report road issues to the Kenton County Public Works Department.

One of the challenges is that residents often do not know who is responsible for each road they use. When citizens contact Kenton County to report a road problem, the staff must identify who is responsible for that road, and either forward the complaint to the appropriate contact, or refer the resident elsewhere if it is not County maintained.

In an effort to address this problem, Kenton County has partnered with LINK-GIS at Planning and Development Services of Kenton County to develop Kenton County Road Reporter - a low cost solution to road issue reporting that will serve all Kenton Couty residents, and hopefully help their cities.

This web-based survey form is mobile-friendly and includes a map that residents can use to report a road issue anywhere in the county. Once the survey is submitted, the system identifies which agency maintains that road, and sends an email notification including all the information from the survey to the email address on file for that agency.

The City of Fort Wright will now receive road reports from this system.  We encourage our residents to use this tool to help Fort Wright Public Works identify those areas that need attention.  Be sure to click the link above and add it to your favorites so that this tool will be easily accessible to you when you need it.