Fort Wright United Recreational Activity

Posted on April 02, 2020

We know so many of you are embracing the Healthy at Home Initiative and we commend you. We also know just how difficult this is and how much you are sacrificing to do it. We will get through this together and in that spirit of unity we'd like to encourage you each to participate in the following socially distanced recreational activity, courtesy of our friends at the National Lieutenant Governor's Association.

This free, socially distanced, safe, citywide recreation activity is designed to align with the 30-days of social distancing plan just announced. This activity spans the month of April and will contribute positively to improving your mental and physical health during these unprecedented times. 

Fort Wright United Recreational Activity

Each week between Wednesday & Saturday, draw, color, paint, cut out, or print off the spring item of the week. Individuals or families are encouraged to join in and walk, run or jog (socially distanced) down a street, around a block, or drive the neighborhoods and count how many spring items you can find!

Here are the themes you can join in the search for:

April 1-4: Bear Hunt

Put a teddy bear or a picture of one in your window or on your front door!

April 8-11: Eggs Everywhere!

Just in time for Easter, put a picture of one or more Easter Eggs in your window or on your front door.

April 15-18:  Chalk the Walk

Use chalk to write inspiring or day-brightening messages on your walk or road. No chalk? Simply write ‘Hi,’ ‘Chin Up,’ ‘Smile,’ or something like this on a note and put it on your front door or in your window.

April 22-25: Lucky Ducks!

As we exit April, let’s remember our luck for living among great neighbors in this great community. Put a picture of a lucky duck on your door or in your window.

IMPORTANT REMINDER - As always at this time, only those living in the same home should be gathered together and there should be at least six feet of space between you and any other walkers. Do not gather in groups!

Please be healthy and safe. Thank you!