Press Release

Posted on September 18, 2020



Fort Wright, KY (September 17, 2020) – The Fort Wright City Council is pleased to announce that Mayor Dave Hatter has been nominated for the Kentucky League of Cities City Elected Official of the Year Award.

Mayor Hatter, who served on the Fort Wright City Council for eight (8) consecutive terms before becoming Mayor in 2015, has over 22 years of experience and has earned the confidence and support of residents, business leaders, co-workers, and other elected officials both inside and outside of the city limits.

Councilman Jay Weber and Councilman Adam Feinauer, who were both instrumental in the submission of Mayor Hatter’s nomination, said Mayor Hatter shares the vision of the Fort Wright City Council whose main priorities are keeping taxes low, maintaining the City’s debt-free status, and ensuring that the City of Fort Wright is both business and family friendly.

Councilwoman Margie Witt, Councilman Scott Wall, Councilman Bernie Wessels, and Councilman Dave Abeln all echoed those statements and added that under Mayor Hatter’s leadership they have been able to push for pension reform legislation, major community infrastructure & service improvements, fiscal responsibility and enhanced transparency of local government operations – pointing out that during Mayor Hatter’s term of office the City achieved KLC’s Distinguished City of Ethics Designation and began utilizing Open Gov, an online reporting software that allows the public to access real time city financial information.

Mayor Hatter, who is a lifelong resident of Fort Wright, is an honorable and humble public servant who is a true believer of ethical and honest government.  His kindness, passion, dedication, and hard work makes him an individual who is most deserving of this honor, and we wholeheartedly congratulate him upon his nomination.

The award recipient will be announced at the annual KLC Convention next week.

For more information please contact: Jill Cain Bailey, CAO at 859.426.3100.

Thank you.