Fort Wright Vacation Security Check Program

Posted on May 07, 2021

The Fort Wright Police Department offers Vacation Security Checks to all Fort Wright residents.  While you are away on vacation, Officers from the Fort Wright Police Department will periodically stop by your home to check for open doors, broken windows or any other suspicious circumstances and contact you or your desgnee if necessary.

This is another added security precaution you can utilize to safegard your possessions and assure your peace of mind while you are away from home.  This is an invaluable service provided by the Fort Wright Police Department to our citizens at no additional cost.

You may schedule your Vacation Security Check by completing the form found at the link provided below and email it to us.  An email will be sent to you, letting you know when your Vacation Check has been approved.  We kindly ask for at least 48 hours of advance notification.  

Click HERE to download the Fort Wright Vacation Security Check form.

All completed forms should be emailed to Captain Colwell at [email protected]