Santa's Neighborhood Visit

Posted on November 30, 2021

Saturday, December 11th
Beginning at 2:00 PM

We are so excited to announce Santa and Mrs. Claus will be visiting Fort Wright neighborhoods courtesy of the Fort Wright Fire and Police departments on Saturday, December 11th, beginning at 2:00 PM. 

In an effort to help everyone have an opportunity to see and wave to Santa and Mrs. Claus, the jolly couple will be escorted around town in accordance with the parade route listed below. Spectators may assemble safely along any portion of the route to catch a glimpse of Santa and Mrs. Claus before they head back to the North Pole. We strongly encourage social distancing and masking at all times during the event. 


Santa and Mrs. Claus Parade Route:

Depart City Hall at 2:00 PM - 409 Kyles Lane
Straight to Kyles, left on Highland, left on Henry Clay
Cross Kyles to West Henry Clay, right on Rosa, left on Augusta, right on Barbara
Barbara to West Crittenden
Cross Kyles to Cumberland, left on Basswood, left on East Crittenden
Right on Kyles, right on St. Anthony, left on Marcella, right on St. Anthony
Cross Kyles to right on Lorup
Lorup to Werner, right on Highland, right on Reeves
Left on Highland to right on Beaumont, right on Mt. Vernon
Left on Montpelier, left on Beaumont
Right on Mt. Vernon, right on Ashlawn
Left on Monticello
Left on Kyles, left on Mt. Vernon, right on Ashlawn, right on Highland/Kyles 
Left on Kennedy, right on Rivard

*This should be the halfway point at approximately 2:30 PM*

Left on Dixie, left on Highland in Fort Mitchell, left to Longmeadow, left on Stonewell
Right on Parkside
Parkside to left on Stonewell, right on Longmeadow, right on Highland, right on Dixie
Right on Orchard, left on Pieck, right on Orchard, right on Dixie
Left on George Huser, left on Park, right on Morris Place, right on Glazier
Left on Barrington, left on Howard
Right on Morris Road, right on Amsterdam, left on Fort Henry, left on General
Left on Pickett Drive
Right on Fort Henry, left on Amsterdam, left on Diamond, right on Sleepy Hollow
Right on Amsterdam
Left on Birchwood, right on Park, right on Hazelwood, left on Redwood
Left on Park, right on St. Agnes, left on Vidot, right on Amsterdam
Right on Sleepy Hollow
Right on Dixie, left on Kyles, right to City Hall