Press Release re: Interplastic Corp

Posted on January 11, 2022


In response to a Fire/EMS call for service last evening at Interplastic Corp, located at 3535 Latonia Ave, a temporary Shelter-in-Place was issued to several neighborhoods surrounding the facility as a precautionary measure.  The Shelter-in-Place was lifted after the incident was resolved.  No injuries were reported and minimal property damage resulted and was limited to the business only.

A special thank you to all surrounding Police, Fire and all Other Emergency Response agencies who responded and assisted our agency during the call.




Fort Wright, KY (January 11th, 2022) – The City of Fort Wright and several other surrounding agencies responded to an emergency call for service at Interplastic Corporation, located at 3535 Latonia Avenue, Fort Wright, KY earlier in the evening of Jan 10th, 2022.

The nature of the call was described as an explosion involving a storage vessel housing a polyester resin. Crews arrived on scene and were able to contain the fire which caused minimal property damage. No injuries were reported.

As a precautionary measure a shelter in place order was issued to several neighborhoods surrounding the facility. Crews also established a 1000 ft perimeter for safety purposes while they continue to investigate.

The situation is active but contained and no immediate threat is believed to exist. As the chemical resin continues to cool down it is off-gassing and occassionally emitting a loud popping noise. These are not considered explosions but rather a normal cooling process.

Crews are expected to remain onsite for several hours to further investigate and monitor the situation. During this time we ask residents to continue to shelter-in-place. The shelter-in-place order is not expected to be expanded or lead to an evacuation order. It is purely a precautionary measure at this time.

In the unlikely event anyone feels like they need medical attention for illness they should contact 911.

Thank you.