Primary Election Day - May 17th

Posted on April 12, 2022

In anticipation of the upcoming Primary Election Day on May 17, 2022, the Kenton County Clerk has updated some of the walk-in excuse absentee voting, early voting, and Election Day voting locations. 

The Kenton County Government Center, located at 1840 Simon Kenton Way, Covington, will now host six days of walk-in excuse absentee voting. The Government Center will then become a voting location for Covington Early and Election Day voters. This will provide Covington voters the option to visit either the Life Learning Center, 20 W. 18th Street, Covington, or the Kenton County Government Center with three days of Early voting.

On Election Day, the voters of Covington, Independence, and Erlanger will have the opportunity to choose the designated locations within their city. 

Postcards have been sent to all Kenton County households with information on checking registration status and how and where to vote. There will be signage at locations no longer in use to direct voters of their new voting location. 

Additional information provided by Gabrielle Summe, Kenton County Clerk, regarding the Board of Elections commitment to election security include: 

  1. Cameras being installed in the storage area for the voting equipment, in anticipation of HB 216, which will require cameras for the General Election; 
  2. Drop Boxes in two locations: inside and outside the Historic Independence Courthouse and inside and outside the Kenton County Government Center; all drop-boxes are under video surveillance; 
  3. The Board has agreed to be part of the risk limiting audit pilot in conjunction with the State Board of Elections (more information will follow)

If you have any questions regarding Primary Day Voting, please visit You can check your Voter Registration Status at