City Information

The Police, Fire/EMS, Administrative, and Public Works Departments are located at the Fort Wright City Building at 409 Kyles Lane, Fort Wright, Kentucky. Police Officers are on duty 24-hours a day, seven days a week for the protection of citizens and property in Fort Wright. Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel are also available to respond to emergencies 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Phone Numbers

Any emergency situation for Police, Fire, or Emergency Medical Services.

Kenton County 24-hour Dispatch: (non-emergency)
Routine calls for filing reports or service, anytime a Police Officer is needed to respond.
(859) 356-3191

Police Administration:
Requests for information on completed reports
(859) 331-2191

Fire Administration:
Services available or to speak with a Department supervisor.
(859) 331-2600

City Administration:
(859) 331-1700

Public Works Department:
(859) 331-1700

Safe Internet Shopping Location

The Fort Wright City Building located at 409 Kyles Lane has 24-hour video surveillance on the main parking lot area adjacent to the intersection of Highland Pike and Kyles Lane. City Council decided to pursue this project in light of numerous unfortunate incidents nationwide where criminal activities occurred when people met to complete a transaction for items that were being bought and sold via on-line sources like Craigslist. The City Building is a very public location with high visibility which makes it a safe place for these transactions. The idea of the Safe Internet Shopping Zone is to conduct person-to-person sales of items purchased over the Internet. The area is not designed to serve as an area where people leave items for others to view before making a purchase decision. Any items left on the City Building lot without permission of City Officials will result in its removal at the owner’s expense.

City Map

Interactive Mapping

To use Interactive Mapping - Click on Public Access - Fort Wright is the area in light pink. You may also locate your property by Clicking on Locate Parcel on the right - fill in the address, then click submit. The address information appears in the small box, click on that and it will change the map to the area around your property. A yellow outline will be around the property.

Community Links

Fort Wright is a great community with many high quality organizations calling it home. Learn why our community is special to families, children, senior citizens and more.

St. Agnes Parish and School (1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011, 859-431-1802) are a wonderful part of our community. The school has approximately 400 students enrolled from Kindergarten to 8th grade.

St. Charles Community (500 Farrell Drive, Fort Wright, KY 41011, 859-331-3224), founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame, is a skilled nursing facility that has been caring for senior citizens since 1961.

Kenton County Public Library has branches in Covington, Erlanger and Independence. They have opportunities for Fun and Learning each month. Kenton County Public Library Calendar of Events

South Hills Civic Club

Since the former South Hills Civic Club has been reopened to public use for Fort Wright citizens and businesses, the newly remodeled facility on Bluegrass Avenue off East Henry Clay Avenue has hosted everything from graduation parties, First Communion celebrations, baby showers, weddings, surprise parties, and business parties, to Christmas holiday season parties. The facility was even used in July 2002 by the Bluegrass Swim Club as a hospitality room when it hosted a two-day regional swim meet. In general the facility may only be used for small gatherings, as it is located within a residential area of the City. The facility is not permitted to be used for commercial or profit-seeking enterprises.

The former South Hills Civic Club is available for small gatherings and functions. The five-acre facility and grounds were generously donated to the City in 1998 by the remaining members of the South Hills Civic Club. Since that time the City has added larger and handicapped-accessible restrooms and completely remodeled the interior. The facility accommodates up to 80 persons and includes 10 tables, 80 chairs, and a kitchenette. The kitchenette contains a refrigerator/freezer, warming oven, microwave, stainless steel tables, sink and countertop. There are also two beverage refrigerators and countertop space in the larger common room. It is a NO SMOKING facility and reservations can be accepted up to one year in advance.The rental fee for residents is $265.00 Friday through Sunday and Holidays or $159.00 Monday through Thursday. The non-resident rental fee for Friday through Sunday and holidays is $371.00 and $265.00 Monday through Thursday. There is a refundable $300.00 security deposit due at time of rental. Usage of the facility is limited to two times per year, per household. Please visit our dedicated South Hills Civic Club page. 

Voter Information

Registered voters in Kentucky can obtain information about their voter precinct location and legislative districts by using the State Board of Elections Voter Information Center.

Important Statutes and Ordinances

City of Fort Wright Ordinances

Section 72.03 - Parking on a sidewalk, blocking a driveway or within an intersection is prohibited.

Section 72.03 - Parking on an unpaved surface is prohibited (blacktop and concrete constitute a paved surface).

Section 72.06 - Parking in excess of 24 hours on a City street is prohibited.

Section 72.11 - Parking a vehicle for sale on any street is prohibited.

Section 72.13 - Parking a truck over one ton in a residential area except to load or unload is prohibited.

Section 72.14 - Recreational vehicles cannot be parked on the street or between the front property line and the setback line as established by ordinance.

Section 90.02 - Animals cannot run at large.

Section 90.18 - No person shall keep a dog, which persistently barks or howls, which disturbs the peace of two or more separate residences.

Section 92.03 - Some conditions declared a nuisance: Accumulation of rubbish, noxious odors or smoke, noise, excessive growth of weeds or grass, trees or shrubbery which blocks sidewalks or streets, animals which are not kept in a sanitary condition free of offensive odors, junk, scrap metal; inoperative motor vehicles and barking dogs.

Section 115.02 - Garage sales require a permit from the City and no residence can have more than two per calendar year.

Kentucky Revised Statutes

K.R.S. 186.150 - New residents must obtain a Kentucky Operators License immediately upon establishing residence.

K.R.S. 186.510 - Drivers of motor vehicles must have in their possession a valid operators license at all times.

K.R.S. 186.540 - Drivers must notify the Department of Transportation within 10 days of a change in address.

K.R.S. 186.020 - The owner of a motor vehicle must register it in Kentucky within 15 days of bringing it to this state.

K.R.S. 186.170 - The owner of a motor vehicle must have his registration receipt in the vehicle at all times.

K.R.S. 186.190 - The owner of a motor vehicle must register the transfer of sale of a motor vehicle.

K.R.S. 304.39-080 - All motor vehicles must have insurance and proof must be kept in the vehicle.

K.R.S. 189.125 - All persons in a motor vehicle must wear seatbelts and any child under 40” must be in a child restraint device meeting federal safety standards.

K.R.S. 189.285 (See statute for exemption requirements) - All persons on motorcycles must wear appropriate headgear unless they obtain an exemption decal.

K.R.S. 186.410 - All persons must obtain an operators license (be 16 years of age) to operate a moped on public highways.

K.R.S. 527.020 (See statue for requirements) - No person shall carry a concealed deadly weapon on or about their person, unless they have obtained a license.

Protective Orders can be issued in the event of domestic violence and they can provide victims safeguards such as:

Ordering an offender not to have any contact with the victim except as authorized by the Court.

Ordering the offender not to be within a specified distance of the victim, usually 500-1000 feet.

Ordering the offender to vacate the residence shared with the victim.

Protective Orders can address other issues as well including temporary custody and support of children. The Temporary Protective Order is valid for 14 days, at that time a hearing is held and the Judge decides whether to issue a Domestic Violence Order, which can be issued for up to three years. If you have any questions about Domestic Violence issues, please contact the Police Department at the number listed at the beginning of this pamphlet.