South Hills Civic Club

South Hills Civic Club

10 Bluegrass Avenue, Fort Wright, KY 41011

(859) 331-1700

South Hills Civic Club Application 

The Fees for renting the South Hills Civic Club are $100.00 for Friday, Saturday or Sunday rentals, and $50.00 for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday rentals.

A $100 deposit is required.

Rental Fee and Deposit checks must be 2 separate checks, both of which are due with the application and must be written from an account that shows a Fort Wright address.

The Deposit check will not be cashed unless there is damage to the Civic Club and/or it is not cleaned up.

The renter must perform general cleaning that includes sweeping and mopping all floors, toilets and wiping of all tabletops, counter tops, and chairs and removal of all trash. For more information, please download a copy of the South Hill Civic Club Inspection Form.

Reservations are not guaranteed until the paperwork, deposit, and rental fee are received. Paperwork and fees are due within 10 days of having your name placed on our calendar.

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