Police Services & Programs

Citizen Education Programs

There are a number of citizen education programs that are available to residents and businesses in the City. A representative of the Police Department can speak to groups on a variety of topics such as bicycle safety, driving and traffic safety, domestic violence, child abuse and child/personal safety.

Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Block Watch

A neighborhood watch program educates residents in crime prevention practices to report suspicious activity to the Police Department and to secure their homes and properties. A neighborhood watch gives the Police Department and residents a chance to work together and can be a strong deterrent to crime. If you are interested in starting a neighborhood watch group, please contact the Police Department.


Effective December 9th, 2020 the Fort Wright Police Department can no longer provide fingerprinting services.  The State of Kentucky has assumed responsibility for this service and has established fingerprinting locations throughout the state.  A list of those locations can be found through this link https://www.identogo.com/locations.  Additional information on what is required to have fingerprinting completed can be found on the Kentucky State Police Website at kentuckystatepolice.org – The Thin Gray Line.   You can also contact the Kentucky State Police Records Section at 502-227-8700 for additional information.

Freddie Freeroader Program

Kentucky residents are required to register their vehicles in Kentucky. If you observe Kentucky residents beating the system by operating motor vehicles on Kentucky highways for more than 15 days with out-of-state license plates or more than 30 days with temporary or other tags, please help report them. Download the Tip Information Sheet and then mail it to the Fort Wright Police Department, 409 Kyles Lane, Fort Wright, Kentucky 41011 or fax it to the Fort Wright Police Department at (859) 331-1330.

Home and Business Security Surveys

Security surveys are provided free of charge to any Fort Wright resident or business by the Police Department, and are intended to give an evaluation on the safety and security of your premises.

Home Vacation Checks

If you are going on vacation, please download and complete a Vacation Check Form. The form lists important information, such as how to contact you or another designated person in the event of an emergency. The telephone numbers for alarm companies are helpful too. We will keep an "extra eye" on your home while you are away and can advise you on precautions to take before you leave.  Please email completed forms to [email protected].

ICE - In Case of Emergency

Have you put ICE in your mobile phone?  Putting ICE along with a name and telephone number will enable the emergency services to contact your family in the event of an emergency. 

There is no simpler way of letting the emergency services know who to contact should you be involved in and accident than by using ICE.  Standing for In Case of Emergency, ICE will allow firefighters, paramedics, and polic officers to quickly contact a nominated person who can be informed of the incident.

Simply use your mobile phone book to store the name and number of someone who should be contacted if you have an emergency -- but add the letters ICE in front of their name.  It is what the emergency services will look for if you are involved in an accident and have your mobile phone with you.  Your ICE person should know about any medical conditions that could affect your emergency treatment, such as allergies or current medication.  If you are under 18, your ICE person should be an adult authorized to make decisions upon your behalf.

Paramedics, police and firefighters often waste valuable time trying to figure out which name in a cell phone to call when disaster strikes.  Many people identify their spouse by name, making them indistinguishable from other entries.  By adopting the ICE advise, your mobile phone will now also help the rescue services quickly contact a friend or relative -- which could be vital in a life or death situation.

Operation Child I.D.

The Operation Child I.D. program is available to parents with school-age children. A card with the child's fingerprint impressions, photograph and important information is given to the parents. The card is kept in case of an emergency, such as the child becomes lost or missing. Quick access to this information can be vital.

Prescription Drug Disposal Program

Dispose of unused, unwanted or outdated Prescription Medications
The Fort Wright Police Department is happy to provide for the disposal of unused prescription medications. This program is offered in cooperation with the Kenton County Alliance, 859-760-2051, Kentucky Crime Prevention Coalition, 859-728-2678, and Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force.

Most Teens Get Their Drugs From FRIENDS And FAMILY For FREE!
"More teens abuse prescription drugs than any illicit drug except marijuana - more than cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine combined," - 2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Medications that are flushed can end up in our water supply and can contaminate rivers and streams. Safely dispose of medications at the participating police departments listed below.

Just stop by the Police Department and drop off your drugs in the locked box in the main lobby of the City Building. You do not need to sign anything just drop your medications off and we will dispose of them properly. The drugs will be incinerated as well as the containers they are dropped off in, so you do not need to remove labels unless you wish to do so. You can leave medications in the original containers and you may mark out your name with a permanent marker if you wish. Dropping off the drugs is done anonymously – you do not have to give your name. If you have any questions please call the Police Department(s) at the number listed below.

Prescription Drug Disposal is also available at the following police departments during lobby hours:

Edgewood Police Department
385 Dudley Road, Edgewood, KY 41017
859 331-5911
Erlanger Police Department
505 Commonwealth Avenue, Erlanger, KY 41018
859 727-7599
Kenton County Police Department
11777 Madison Pike, Independence, KY 41015
859 392-1940
Park Hills Police Department
1106 Amsterdam Road, Park Hills, KY 41011
859 431-6172
Villa Hills Police Department
719 Rodgers Road, Villa Hills, KY41017
859 341-3535
Boone County Sheriff's Office
3000 Conrad Lane, Burlington, KY 41005
859 334-2175
Florence Police Department
8100 Ewing Drive, Florence, KY 41042
859 371-5491
Campbell County Police Department
8774 Constable Drive, Alexandria, KY 41001  
859 547-3100


Safe Internet Shopping Zone

In today’s social media world more and more people are conducting the exchange/sale of items through the internet. Routinely, the buyer and seller meet in public locations to make the exchange of sale items. This practice of meeting in a public location is a wise move in these situations, and we discourage you from inviting strangers to your home for this purpose.

As a result, we have established a Safe Internet Shopping Exchange Zone at City Hall. The main parking lot area adjacent to the City Building at 409 Kyles Lane is under 24 hour video surveillance. Additionally, our police department operates out of the adjacent building    We strongly encourage the use of this location for facilitation of “Internet Shopping Exchanges”.

Self-Defense for Women

The training is a WOMEN ONLY course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and risk avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hand-on defense training. This is not a martial arts program. The program covers prone defense strategies, multiple subject encounters and even low and diffused light simulation exercises. This program is designed for the average woman with no previous experience or background in physical skills training.

Security Surveys

Security surveys are provided free of charge to any Fort Wright resident or business by the Police Department, and are intended to give an evaluation on the safety and security of your premises.