Public Works Services & Reminders

Spring/Summer Reminder: Keep Those Shrubs and Trees Cleared!

During the Spring and Summer - When those shrubs and trees begin to grow again, please take care to keep them trimmed back from public sidewalk areas so pedestrians have safe and convenient passage. Also, please help to keep any trees and shrubs trimmed back from public street signs such as speed limit signs, no parking signs, street identification signs, etc, so motorists can have clear visibility. This is a great help to our Public Works Department!

Duke Energy - Street Light Repair

Do you have an outdoor light or streetlight that is our or not working properly?

Duke Energy maintains numerous outdoor lights to help promote safety and security in public areas. Now you can easily let them know if there is an issue with one of their lights.

The online reporting tool lets you:

  • Search by street address to find the exact pole location
  • Report your problem
  • Check repair status

It's easy, convenient and completely trackable. You'll even get an email alert when the work is completed.

Request a Duke Energy Light Repair

KYTC District-6 Road Report

Click on the link below to view an update of all current construction projects in the Northern Kentucky District.

KYTC District-6 Road Report

Snow & Ice

During the Winter snow and ice season, we offer the following suggestions during snow and ice events to minimize the hassle and discomfort that goes with it: 

  • If possible park in your driveway as parking in the street can put your car at risk; snow plows leave pushed snow around your car.
  • Shoveling snow from your driveway into the street will most likely result in snow being plowed back into your driveway.
  • No parking is permitted in any cul-de-sac within the city.
  • Please allow room for the plows to push snow from the cul-de-sac; driveways tend to take up most of the curb area in a circle and this makes it difficult to push the snow away from the driveways.
  • The Public Works Crew will continue to push snow until it is cleared from curb to curb; this is to allow melting snow to drain properly from the street and avoid refreezing conditions on the roadway.

Our goal is to keep our city streets as safe as possible.

Snow Emergency Procedures

Although it occurs very seldom and used only as a last resort, there are several things you need to know when a "Snow Emergency" is declared:

  • Only the Mayor or City Administrator has the authority to declare a Snow Emergency.
  • Once the Emergency has been declared, residents have three hours to remove their vehicles from the streets.
  • Police officers are authorized to tow or affix a citation to any vehicle parked on a City street during this time.
  • The City has only declared five Snow Emergencies in the past fourteen years. The City has exercised restraint in declaring these emergencies.

Please cooperate when a Snow Emergency is declared, in the interest of public safety, so that police, fire, and ambulance vehicles and equipment can safely and quickly access each residence and business in the City.