Traffic Studies

The City of Fort Wright periodically conducts Traffic Surveys to determine the frequency and severity of speeding on our streets and the volume of traffic. If you have concerns with the traffic in your neighborhood please contact us to arrange a study.  The following traffic studies are here for your information on streets in your neighborhoods.

Amsterdam Road Speed Study - July 2021

Beaumont Court-2018 Traffic Survey - 06/14/2018

Fort Henry Drive Speed Study (Part 2) - 07/05/2020

Fort Henry Drive Speed Study (Part 1) - 07/05/2020

Fort Henry Drive Speed Study - 06/07/2020

General Drive Speed Study - 10/04/2020

Morris Road-2018 Traffic Survey - 06/25/2018

Park Road-1661 Speed Study - 05/24/2020

Pickett Drive Speed Study - 08232020

Redwood Drive Speed Study - 07/19/2020

West Crittenden Speed Survey - 05/04/2020