Formal State of Emergency Declared

At the 03/18/2020 City Council meeting City Council unanimously approved Executive Order 04-2020 declaring a formal State Of Emergency in the City of Fort Wright.

Among other things, the order empowers the Mayor to waive procedures and formalities otherwise required by the law pertaining to:

  • Performance of public work.
  • Entering into contracts.
  • Incurring obligations.
  • Employment of permanent and temporary workers.
  • Utilization of volunteer workers.
  • Rental of equipment.
  • Appropriation of public funds.

Additional, specific changes will be implemented via executive order, if necessary. Currently, we do not have any additional executive orders pending as of this email. If warranted, additional executive orders will be published on the City's website.

It also ensures that we may be able to be reimbursed from FEMA for certain operational expenses.

The emergency declaration will be in effect until rescinded, which will happen as soon as practical after the COVID-19 Pandemic ends.