Amsterdam Road Construction Update

Posted on November 20, 2020

As you may be aware the reconstruction of Amsterdam Road is ongoing, more specifically the roadway between Morris Road and General Drive in the city limits of Fort Wright is being reconstructed. As of today, here is the most up to date project information to help you avoid traffic related delays.

Ford Development has been working on building a pier wall from Morris Road to just below General Drive. They began work on the project in June 2020 and the final section of the wall has been poured. To construct the wall the contractor drilled 341 piers and 66 plugs behind the piers. There were rebar cages installed in each drilled shaft and the shafts were filled with concrete. Prior to drilling each pier, measurements had to be taken to mark the location of the center of the pier according to the engineered drawings. Once the piers were complete the forming of the wall began. The rebar, which extends above each pier, is used to tie the formed wall together with the drilled shafts below.

The construction of the wall is a long process but is necessary to support the new roadway. Now that construction of the wall is complete, crews are working on installing an underdrain along the wall and backfilling. As the wall is backfilled testing will be done to ensure proper compaction for the new roadbed. Once crews finish backfilling installation of storm sewers will begin and portion of the project will last until at least February. Ideally the curb work can begin in March followed by the pavement work in April, all of this is dependent on the weather.

The work described in this letter is for phase one of the project. Phase two will take place between Morris Road and Redwood Drive. Phase two will move quicker than phase one as there is no pier wall construction required. When the road construction begins the plan is to first complete the intersection of General on phase one and the intersection of Redwood/Fort Henry in phase two. This will allow for better flow of traffic out of the Fort Henry and General Drive vicinity while the crews finish work between those areas. Also as part of the project side walk will be added from Fort Henry to General Drive making the area safer for residents to walk. We appreciate your patience as the Amsterdam Road project continues.

If you have any questions please contact Jeff Bethell, Public Works Director at 859-331-1700, or via email at [email protected].