City Tax Rate Update

Posted on September 11, 2023

Update on the 2023-2024 Fort Wright Tax Rates

At their regularly scheduled meeting on September 6, 2023, Fort Wright City Council had a first reading of Ordinance 11-2023, which would adopt real and perosnal property tax rates. This is the sixth year in a row City Council has held or cut the real property tax rate. As a result, Fort Wright continues to have the lowest real property tax rate since 2011 for the second consecutive year. 

Final action (second reading) on Ordinance 11-2023 is expected to take place at the October 4, 2023, City Council Meeting, at which time the Fort Wright real property tax rate is anticipated to remain at 0.248 per $100 of taxable value for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. Residents and property owners should expect receipt of their property tax bill by mid-November 2023. 

Concistently high property values coupled with strong businses growth, and the diligence of Fort Wright's elected officials and staff allocating resources wisely continues to lead our community's success. Fort Wright is a beautiful place to live, work, play, dine, and start a business!